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The Power of Words for the Professional...


What did you say?We all know that words spoken, inflection of voice and timing all have a great deal to do with our POWER OF COMMUNICATION.

What one person hears may come across as totally different from another person that hears the same thing. Remember the old game where we would sit in a circle and whisper a line in the next person's ear? The beginning line could be as simple as:

John and Mary laughed together at the dinner table.

And, then by the time that line gets to the final person they have to announce what the line was. To the final person the line was...

John and Mary flirted after dinner.

So, okay they are close but not dead ringers! How we would laugh at that game as a child!

Today though, each and every spoken word to our clients must be clear and meticulous. The POWER OF WORDS have the ability to change a persons perspective completely. In our business today, whether it is selling a home, helping a client to purchase a home, announcing the details of an inspection of a home or just showing a home...THE POWER OF WORDS can make or break your client's decision and their future.

The phsycology of words is a bit complicated but easy to learn!

You see, I just told you that it's complicated which may make you not want to learn or understand and then TOTALLY NEGATED the statement with a BUT. That little conjunction is a powerful word. Within a sentence the word BUT completely negates what was just said...

It would be like saying, "I love you ...but..." which places a different term or a contingency on the first statement. How and what does this have to do with Real Estate?Everything, my friends! "I love you "but"...well, not really because this and that could be better. My friends, either you love or you don't. Simple as that.Power of Communication

No "Buts" about it. 

This home IS exactly what you isn't on the cul-de-sac. Bad, bad bad...Try this one. This home is exactly what you want! It is at the end of the street which is just as good as being on the cul-de-sac! (then heads are nodding and you are that much closer to the sale!)



How do you ask for the sale? Your clients are very insecure most likely and you have to keep that in mind. Do you say, "are you ready to fill out the contract?"...or do you have the savvy to say, "let's get your new home secured". See the difference? First of all your clients are insecure with a combination of "wanting" and "being afraid they may not get" the home they are bidding for. For you to say to your client that you are helping "secure" their home, you are also "securing" the client with hope, belief and trust...

More examples: "Would you like to view the house?"  
No, "Would you like to view what could be your new home?"

Ready to go house shopping?
No, "Are you ready to fall in love with your new home?"

Wow! That's a pretty dress! ("so what? she says...there was a full rack of them")

No, Try, "Wow, you look great in that dress..."
This gives the credit to the person you are complementing and not just the dress...all of life works this way.

Now, take those POWER WORDS and make things happen! You and I both know WE CAN.

Later in the Rain,
Deb Alayne!


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