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Diamonds In Your Own Back Yard?

Our Real Estate business takes on many twists and turns throughout our Professional Lifetime. As the economy tightens we may all be looking for new ways to do business.

Referrals have been a strong source for our business for many years and for that we are grateful. Referrals from previous clients have a tendency to take us all over the place as far as going out of our Localized Area.

This has always been wonderful for us although so much is changing!

The price of gas alone is a reason to stay closer to home!

Are you marketing to your own neighborhoods?

My husband and I spend much of our time working from home. When we show properties our drive can easily consume a half a tank of gas in his truck and almost as much in my car. We work Lake Conroe and Lake Livingston and our normal showings consist of a minimum of a 100 mile round trip each time. Occasionally, up to 200.

The answer is as plain as the nose on our faces!

We should work our neighborhood. Hard and fast and gain a strong footing. We are fairly new to this neighborhood but we are here. Why not do our business here? Duh. After a nice long talk and writing down our business plan it not only looks feasible to establish ourselves right here but it looks fun too!

It is always better when your work is play and your play includes a subtle work anyway!

Here is a list of a few of our plans...any extra ideas you have would be great!

  • I am joining the Ladies Club called  Bentwater Ladies Organization. Yes, BLO. I shall openly BLO my horn for everyone to hear. I sell "Real Estate!"

  • I shall attend the Newcomers Wine and Cheese party, scheduled for Thursday afternoon, August 25. This sounds just awful doesn't it? (hic)

  • I will attend the September 12 annual Fall Meeting of BLO at 11:30 at the Yacht Club for the luncheon. The theme is “Remember When… A Musical Feast”.

  • I may go with them to attend the Louisiana Coushatta Golf and Gambling trip scheduled for October 25-26.

  • I am forming a BLOCK PARTY for us to meet all the neighbors and bring food, drink and friends together.
    And, tomorrow I am attending a neighbor's Pampered Chef party across the street. What a great way to begin!

  • Together, Scott and I are going to attend the Club's Chef Select Menu Two Fer Night on Saturday nights that offer two select glasses of wine with each entree.

  • Scott is joining "The Mob". "giggle" and it is the Men of Bentwater group.

  • Scott is taking his guitar, piano and equipment to the Mob and will try and begin a group of other starving Musicians!

  • Attend our neighborhood church instead of driving so far.
  • And, we are both keeping our eyes open for other Groups and Functions we can attend!

This is, of course, just the beginning of our Marketing Plan. Mail-outs will follow to the entire subdivision, I plan to go back to old school and knock on a few doors and together we can build a business in our own neighborhood! We believe in it, love it and can certainly sell it!

I think I would rather solidify relationships where I can walk or take a three minute trip in the car. Saves on gas, time for showings, builds friendships, supports our own community and will keep the sales close to home.

After all, there may be DIAMONDS IN OUR OWN BACK YARD!

What can you do to get to know your neighbors better and begin the Referrals within your own area?


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