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Deb's Blog #2, What I'm Thinking!

Waterfront Real Estate log #2.....what I'm thinking.

Why buy Real Estate by the water? 

Most people including and not limited to Baby Boomers, the almost Baby Boomers, the pre-Baby Boomers, and the rest of everyone else would like to live on or near the water.  That covers just about everyone. Why? Well, we ARE mostly water. The miracles of life include the fact that we could not live without it. I began to come into adulthood in the 1970's and was baking my body on the beaches of Clearwater Beach, Fla.  I worshipped the sun. When I hit my 30's it was necessary to have that healthy "sun kissed look" that we all avoid now. Today, in my 39's and holding I am still drawn to the cool blue waters, the sun sparkling on the waves like diamonds and the slightly fishy, wild aroma that washes in with the waves. Never is there a time that my soul is not calmed by the still waters of our lovely Lake livingston.

I moved here to the Piney Woods of Huntsville to be a wife to my husband Scott and a better daughter to my mother who has since been taken from us to a better place.  I've never really had the desire to own a "lakehouse" so to speak.  Our humble abode is by the water but we can't boat into Lake Livingston.  I have spent the last few years selling waterfront property to many a couple.  The smiles, the goosebumps, the jumping up and down with excitement and the sheer pleasure of helping people become even happier has given me a deep love of the business.  And here it is once and for all folks, I WANT A LAKEHOUSE HERE ON LAKE LIVINGSTON!!!  I am ready to find myself a little slice of heaven right by the water. I am ready for the goosebumps and I want to boat out on a Sunday afternoon with my binoculars, book and picnic. I vow to find the "right house for us" by the water so wish me luck. We have to get those warm and fuzzies that make you know you're home.  So, I appreciate you listening to me about this. If you're looking for the "right place" please let me help you find it. We both may find one.

Oh yeah.....Why buy real estate by the water??

Beside the fact that the most protected real estate values ARE by the water, everyone wants to be by the water so you can pretty much be assured that you will resell it, property values are immediately appreciated between 25% to 50%  or more because it is by the water, there are 35 million people between the ages of 50-59 that are considering retirement and they're coming this way, they're just not making any more waterfront, you might consider it a good deal.



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Deb's Blog #2, What I'm Thinking!
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