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I am finding that the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention" is holding true throughout the ages. Little by little I am learning to take advantage of the incredible information here on Active Rain.

I have toyed with the idea of adding widgets to my sidebar for some time. I stormed over to my profile's edit bar and clicked. I knew nothing. I gave it a try with our company logo and well, I actually got the logo in there but what a mess it looked like! Yuk.

I was continually annoyed at the mess on my sidebar till I found a reason to care about the sidebar today!

I had a slight interest in widgets, like knowing who's looking at my posts or maybe waving at them when they were there but I never felt like it was "NECESSARY" until today.

Today, I found the reason to go the extra mile to learn "HOW TO". I went to our faithful "SEARCH" and typed in "add widgets to sidebar" and just as I suspected...up came every helpful "HOW TO" post ever written on this subject from many of our AR Stars.

Thank you for all the helpful posts. . I read two of the posts and proceeded to my Profile to Edit like a Pro!

I removed the awful logo with messy code and added what I felt really belonged there. I am hoping each and every person on this site will add this to their profiles.

It's simple and easy and could save our children's lives. Please everyone...Add the Amber Alert!

OR: Simply click here to learn more of how we can all help protect our children!









Yes, they do ask for a donation but it is minimal. It's not required so load this in hopes of a great future!

This, my friends, is a widget worth loading! Thank you for your support. We must protect our children. Bless you!




and Proud of it!











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