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What Makes a Community?

What Makes a Community?


 Lots of people




If you are active in the rain you understand what community means. It's not the binding of people that have known one another forever or the fact that you live next door, it is more the foundational building of a friendship, business partnership, meeting of personalities, minds and support. Within the Rain, many of us have built strong bonds of friendship and respect for our fellow bloggers and Real Estate Professionals.


Well, there you have it in a nutshell. Lake Livingston Texas. We are not a particular "township" or county. We are many towns, 4 counties and subdivision after subdivision of "Community Minded" people. Lake Livingston redefines the word "local". Even with miles and miles between us we are still a tight knit community.

Lake Livingston is a virtual "melting pot" of people from all walks of life, states and even countries. It is not unusual for us to schedule "tours" for people who fly in for the weekend. The clients are looking for a spot on the water with the possibility of retirement later. Our Lake area is not as "commercialized" as many others are so we still have acreage and numerous homesites available.

Our lake is 90,000 surface acres of water and 450 linear miles around! It is, at the widest point, 7 miles across. On occasion I have shown houses by boat! There is nothing like loading the cooler with lunch, grabbing the binoculars and boating from property to property to help find the perfect Lakehouse by the water! We are blessed to have Bluebird Sanctuaries, Protected Piney Woods Forests, specified land for hunting and fishing and water sports galore!  

I thought I would bring my camera and assistant with me today to give you a quick view of our Trinity River, Lake Livingston and a few of our friends and neighbors! Please join me with some of our "Local" friends and neighbors and see why they love the lake.



Our small town vendors are lifesavers when it comes to needing a quick grocery trip! You just met Denise McNatt of Mac's Superstop. Mac's Superstop consists of a Conoco gas station, Bait and Tackle shop, mini grocery store and UHaul Dealership. I have watched them grow over the last 15 years and their business is booming.

You also just met John Tallent of Tallent's Grocery store. Tallents are famous for their meat processing. They have the best HOMEMADE never sausage a deal! Tallents have the most beautiful meat counter anywhere! As weekenders drive past on their way to the lake they stop to grab a Ribeye or Ribs to throw on the grill. You can grab a brisquet BBQ sandwich or a chicken fried steak sandwich or of course, their famous sausage while they package your groceries! What a life!

Next please join me for a glimpse of the Trinity River Bridge and come with me to show a house. The house is in Trinity, Texas and in Trinity county. My average drive day is anywhere from 60 to 200 miles! Off we go.




You have just met Barbara and Bob from Alaska. They have now placed an offer on the house and are looking forward to fishing!



Living next to our waterways is sometimes a challenge. Lake Livingston is so deep and oceanic in places it is imperative to conserve the earth from erosion. We build what is called a bulkhead to preserve our shore. The fun part is building a boathouse to keep our toys. Please meet two of my clients and friends Gabrielle and Dave Thomson. They own Waterside Construction and will help guide you in the shore conservation process. Waterside Construction is in San Jacinto County.

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What Makes a Community?
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