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The House that Jack Built...

When you have a home built or are dealing with CONTRACTORS...Under Construction

Or, cleaning up after a storm....

Getting a JACK OF ALL TRADES can be devastating. With so many "iffy" contractors pouring in to help clean up after IKE, we must all be very, very careful.

1. Interview a minimum of three licensed contractors.

2. Get everything in writing.

3. Remember the specifics like quality of tile and paint.construction_guys.jpg image by contractornet

4. Require them to provide you with a copy of their license.

5. Check references.

6. Agree on the time-line  in writing.

7. Agree to a maximum of 10% overage.

8. Make sure the contractor will oversee the workers.

9. If you are living in the property place all valuables in the bank.

10. Plan to spend time watching the men too. If they dawdle you're paying for it.

11. Plan for rain days or sick days for the men.

12. Never, ever, give them money up front. A good contractor has credit.

13. Require all clean up be mandatory each day. Don't allow them to leave garbage.

14. Require your contractor be responsible for disposing of any debris.

15. Make sure to pick up any left behind nails.

16. Verify quality of all products as they come in. Windows, paint, tile and so forth.

17. Make sure all warranties are turned in with each product. Ceiling fans, appliances etc.

18. If there is major work like tearing out walls or using glue, plan to stay somewhere else.

19. Be prepared for a little just is.

20. Hire a licensed inspector to review all work before work is totally complete.

21. Never hand over the final check with work still needing to be done. EVER...they won't be back.

Be very sure of the contractor you hire...don't get in a hurry. It could get worse!

Later in the rain~Deb


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