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Change the Channel To Google!

What Channel Are You ON? Do You Need One? You bet! Active Rain is changing like a New York minute, faster than a speeding bullet and faster than a fox with a hound on his heels.

I'm one that seems to always )*%%^&*( about any kind of change. It just doesn't settle well with me at first. I have to examine it, analyze it, toss it around, stew on it, simply consider it, disect it, put it back together, whine a bit, argue, attempt to control the issue of change and then I might feel comfortable with it.


It seems to me that right now Active Rain is a bit like a game of chess. They are making me think several moves ahead. The strategy is there if you want to learn and win the game.s_chess14.jpg chess board image by lebaron76

I do. I want to win.

We all do.

We all want our efforts in the Rain to benefit us to our highest and best use.

We spend a great deal of time writing "OUR WORDS" AND "OUR WORDS" ARE A PART OF US.


Sorry for yelling. It's true though.

After spending your precious time writing the words you want to share with the world, you want to make sure that those you want to READ it will get to SEE IT!

My suggestion is that we take the same "careful" time after we've written the post to place it properly. I have been known many times to get in a hurry about this. If I wanted to make sure this post would be found by the Google Bots and placed in my area, I would be sure to mention within this post that I sell Lake Livingston Real Estate.

The Bots would pick that up, compare it to my tags, and then place it in the direction we point them to.

1. We Tag it for you know who.....adsense.jpg google adsense image by bimods

I would tag this post:  Lake Livingston Real Estate,Channels,Deb Brooks,tips and strategies

Why do we do this? You are directing Google straight to your intended audience.

2. Visibility would then be set to Public (so the Bots would read it)~Nothing to hide here!

3. And then we come to the biggie. There is a huge strength in numbers. I want this post to be placed with its like kind so the Bots will recognize the content and place it with "like content" and the post is given more strength.

First click on Active Rain Channels. It's new you see! This is going to help you Optimize your post for the Search Engines and within the Active Rain Community. Once you click Channels this is what you will see.


Then, choose your channel. If you just click on Active Rain, your post will go into the hundreds of thousands of posts amongst AR itself and dilute your key words. So, click the arrow and let's go shopping.

The Channel that suited this post best is the Training catagory.

But wait~there's more! (LOL)

Active Rain Channels

It is up to you to choose your own catagory wisely. For this TOPIC I chose CHANNELS since that's what I'm talking about.

CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC WISELY. Remember, you want your post to be positioned with the "like kind".

If one of you members OR a consumer types CHANNELS into our search bar...guess who will pop up? Yep, right along with Brad and Bob and Rich and anyone else talking about CHANNELS. All of their KEY WORDS will enhance the KEY WORDS within this post and cause them all to climb on the Search Engines.

HUGE IMPORTANT HINT TO REMEMBER...After deciding on your TOPIC type your letters in VERY SLOWLY. As you are typing in the letters new words will appear that other members have placed into the TOPIC AREA.


Choose that one. The top word is always the fullest post slot. Go for it.

Please remember that placing your posts is like a game of chess. Think ahead before you make your move. Make sure you have placed your post properly. This will give you and all others the strength we want to make a difference and blow away the Bots!

Have fun with it. It's a bit like a game!Your key to a successful Real Estate Transaction is in the Hands of Your Agent, Brooks Prime Properties.




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