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OMG, MY CAT WAS IN A TREE AND CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD. Here I am. It's almost 1:00 am on what is now Wednesday, March 25, 2009. It's been a long night. About three hours ago I was in a panic. A life or death panic. It was 10:30 pm and I found Desi, my long loved 11 year old cat about 45 feet in the air and stuck in an Oak tree.

Yes, I had noticed he was no where for a few hours and began to call for him and worry about him. Off in the distance I heard this MeowYeowWow...he's verbally gifted. He speaks in syllables. This was a cry of help. With a little craning of my neck I sighted him in an Oak Tree of about 80 feet tall. He was more than half way up and screaming for help. Yikes. What does one do now?

Well, I watched the old movies and they always called the fire department. It was pouring down terrential rain. Boy do I have ... uh, ...moxy? Is that what you call it? I called them.Pouring rain...what great guys

"Help, my cat's in a tree!"

And you know what? They didn't laugh. They said they would contact the fire department and have them call me. A gentleman by the name of Teddy called me and spoke with a compassion I miss in most people. He was sincere and said he would go to the station, get what he needed and come to help. What a guy! What a refreshingly wonderfully compassionate and caring thing to do! This is our local Riverside Fire Department. Riverside. A small town of about 400 caring and down to earth people.

They have now gained my total respect!

Riverside Tx Fire Department to the Rescue!They came with ladders, and truck and boots and all! As it was pouring down rain they accessed that he was about 45 feet in the tree. He was really up there. They were concerned that their ladders couldn't reach him but it didn't stop them one bit.

Joe is the man that scaled the ladder with Teddy holding it. He was fully dressed with gloves so Desi wouldn't scratch him.

He managed to reach the stretch point and Desi was spooked. Off Desi went up and away on a branch that took him higher and higher. Joe was patient and called him, and talked to him, and little by little Desi began to come to him. What a miracle it was.


Desi could tell by Joe's voice that he was there to help. So with the rain pouring down, the lights flashing, me calling kitty, kitty and all flashlights shining on Desi's reflective eyes...he moved towards Joe. Joe was able to grab him by the neck. Hard but with care. Joe drew Desi close to him and began to scale the ladder down to safety.

Step by step, fighting vines, rain, and feeling the steps he made progress. About eight feet from the ground he lost Desi. Joe and Teddy heard him hit the ground or at least the bushes. All I could do was sit down and cry. I was worried about Desi and fearful I would lose my kitty and then found myself worried about Joe that could have fallen trying to save him.

Intensity of the moment is what I felt. Relief, gratitude, gratefulness, blessed and shaken, I tried to tell them how much it meant to me. Desi showed up at the front door like a wet rat and I've never seen him eat so furiously. He was so hungry and grateful to be on the ground.Deb's Cat...Desi Brooks. Wet, hungry and scared but SAFE


Joe, you are my hero.

Teddy, you are too.


These two men both showed compassion, caring, giving and bravery with a little cat...

I would trust them with my home, should it burn. God bless you boys. Desi and I are so grateful.

BTW, my lens was sopping wet too. This makes me (officially) an obsessed blogger you


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OMG, MY CAT WAS IN A TREE AND CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD. Here I am. It's almost 1:00 am on what is now Wednesday, March 25, 2009. It's been a long night. About three hours ago I was in a panic. A life or death panic. It was 10:30 pm and I found Desi, my… more
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