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Well, okay. So now to the new less than perfect economy, falling equity, restrictive real estate Lending Criteria, rising unemployment, and high gas prices we must deal with the threat of a missile. 97433163.jpg cecelia hiding under the desk haha image by ssuperxspecial


Yes, of course I was very very young but I remember the fear as if it were yesterday. We could be playing in the front yard of our modest neighborhood and a siren would sound. This was a practice run in case we were being bombed. I was required to run into the house and crawl under my bed.

The threat was so real that we had regular practice sessions HIDING UNDERNEATH OUR DESKS in our little classrooms. I can honestly say that this type of fear has affected my whole life. When you are that young you are not suppose to look into the face of death. We should not realize our mortality till much later in life.


We don't want our grandchildren to have to live through a similar time. Or, our children. Reading this news of our threat from Korea simply shakes the ground I walk on.

We should all be grateful that the sun is shining, our health is good, and we've been promised A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER IN OUR GREAT USA...



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