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A Tribute To Active Rain. Dear GOOGLE, "Pick me, Choose me, Love me."

We all want to say to GOOGLE, "Pick me, Choose me, Love me."

WHEN I began selling Real Estate back in 2002 I was feeling very discouraged. Oh, not for lack of sales. In fact I was top producer at the firm the very year I began. I just wasn't thrilled with what I had to sell! I learned quickly that selling an $8,000 piece of land was as complicated or even more work than selling a $200,000 home! And, the problem was that my potential clients would walk in the door right off the street and demand so much of my time that by the end of the day I simply didn't get to do what I had set out to do!

Mental note to self #1. To become truly successful in my business I needed to be pro-active and not reactive.

SO, being the pro-active type A personality that I am I changed firms. The new firm sent all inquires straight to the listing agent! This seemed profitable at the time but there was still something not right. I wanted the ability to sell EVERY ONES listings! I began to feel "boxed in" almost immediately. At that point I left firms all together!

Mental note to self #2. We are all INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS with free will and the ability to fly if we choose.

I SO wanted to fly! As luck would have it the whole rage going on at that time was the Internet and Google. If you walked me up to a broken down truck with the hood up and asked me to fix it I would have to respond the same about Search Engine Placement and SEO! NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Mental note to self #3, Must learn, must study, must discover a way and make it happen!

I did it and YOU CAN TOO! There was a time not long ago that I didn't know what software and hardware were! I thought software meant comfy undergarments and that hardware meant those things that ride up your...well. Anyway, I started from square one. By studying the competition and how they were placing I began my quest to own Google!

Mental note to self #4. I believe I can and if I take the proper steps then I WILL... and, so can you!

I learned how back links worked, how to choose the right key words for my target market area, how metatags came into the picture and studied what Google wanted and looked for in a "friendly" site. After creating my OWN UNIQUE CONTENT the site was being noticed. It was climbing little by little until that glorious day when I finally saw it on the top of the first page for my chosen market area! WOO-HOO and happy dance!

Mental note to self #5. I can't let down now! Hungry competitors were lurking behind me just waiting for me to fall. I heard about this site called "ACTIVE RAIN" AND THEY FEATURED BLOGGERS in the Real Estate business.

Mental note to self #6. Must figure out what a blogger is!

WHEN I visited AR's site I became overwhelmed! The information and the camaraderie was incredible. It was like everyone was there to help or to teach or to share a part of themselves. I was instantly in love. I found humor, statistics, insight involving my business and a huge welcome and best of all, I found friends. So, I blogged. Sometimes without any forethought, (okay, most of the time), but with all good intentions. With the addition of LOCALISM, KEY WORDS AND ACTIVE RAIN'S WONDERFUL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOOGLE, I began seeing my posts on the web!

Mental note to self #7. By Jove, I believe Active Rain's got it!

Soon it was obvious that ACTIVE RAIN WAS MY KEY.

I shall always be grateful that through my learning curves the Rain and all its Members were there for me.



Between my regular site, Localism and various BLOGS published ONLY by ACTIVE RAIN I always have a minimum of 20-30% Market share of the first page of my selling area. Oh, and page 2, 3, 4, LOL!

I am proud to be a part of the ACTIVE RAIN community!


I'm Deb Brooks.Deb Brooks at Lake Livingston Real Estate



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