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This one won't be coming up on Google you know. No such word. I first heard this from  Jason Crouch.  Yes, the famous, or is it the infamous Jason Crouch? He's off making bookoos of money for his family as we speak. We are all trying to do the same. What is it you ask? This word?  Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course, Christmas or Hanakkuh depending on your choice! They are all beginning to blend together. Help keep the "commercialism" from our Holidays!

WooHoo! We are in the season of celebrating. Halloween in Lake Conroe 

The word "celebrating" almost brings to mind the word "cerebral" meaning "that of the brain" and I guess we are "thinking" of celebrations! I walk into almost any store now and I can see blinking lights on trees and Santa Claus and forget about Turkeys as they are almost ready to ditch to the compost. We just keep jumping ahead of ourselves to slam the advertising of the next way to spend money! Let's get over the "commercialism" of these holidays and go back to the roots of the holidays.

Let's enjoy "people" and "friends" and "family" and get back on the track of what holidays are all about!!

Thanksgiving with my Active Rain Friends!Please, my dear friends, let's celebrate life, freedom, the potential of wealth and the ability to become friends! We have the ability to become a community and that is exactly what we all want! I do not know my city and the people who live here nearly as well as I know YOU! Thank you for that.

YOU are what makes a community and the reason to celebrate holidays!!!!

Christmas with friends on Lake ConroeSo, as we move into Hallow-Thanks-Mas, please continue to blog. It's a great time of the year to reach google and clients and even new friends. I just want to say that I'm glad to be here. I am also glad you are here. Stay safe and confident in what you have to offer the world. Never stop trying and placing your best foot forward.

We have other holidays coming up and I hope to share them with you! Keep writing and bringing AR close to your heart and pocketbook!

See ya soon!



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