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Life is a Journey, Not a Destination...

During the course of this economic turn down we all have to minimize the potential damage to our businesses and to our personal financial conditions.will the bubble burst in Texas? Until about a year ago, I never believed that this bubble could actually burst. Now, don't get me hasn't totally but it is threatening to. Since my husband and I work TOGETHER in our Real Estate business and Agency, we are finding less and less to do! The leads are coming in yet the bulk of the quality of leads are shaky at best. People are still wanting to purchase a home or to sell a home but practically everyone either does not meet the new Lending Standards, or they want more money for their homes than the Market will bring.

Personally, all I want to do is to sell homes and write a blog or two thousand. I seem to be accomplishing the latter.

What am I learning from this difficult time?

This is just Random Stuff. My Random Ramblings...Deb's Rambling Thoughts

Murphy and his law are always going to be cropping their little heads up. We should let Murphy roll off our shoulders with grace and wisdom. Maybe we have all been made too comfy in the past and this is the way our universe is correcting a few of our faux pas?  If money made people happy then we would have no unhappy wealthy folks. Man was blessed with the ability to be creative and maybe it's the time to get that way once and for all.  During a time of abundance it is much easier to justify waste and overspending and needless purchases and such. This all could be a part of our learning curve.

At one point, there was no question in my mind where I was going and who I was becoming and where I wanted to end up. Today I am being bombarded with more and more questions. These are mostly questions without answers. No longer do I feel the security of yesterday. It's all a bit scary. Maybe this is just a realization of becoming older and learning to appreciate things and people in a different and more enriching way? Maybe it is meant for us to continue a cycle of renewing our Faith and Understanding of the universe? Maybe, it is meant for all of us to awaken to the goodness of the good. You know, the smaller things in life that end up mattering at the end of the day. end of the day kiss...

One thing I know is that I will always continue to help people realize their dreams in owning their own homes! Real Estate is a part of me and I know it and love it.

At this very moment, I have no clue where my life will take me. What road will I choose? What path leads me in the right direction?



My destination will be wherever I end up. Simple as that. My journey? I am willing and excited to see where it takes me.

Because Life is a Journey, Not a Destination...try to enjoy each and every day, moment and breath you take!

Go with the flow and make the best of what life brings. What is your Journey bringing you? Any revelations? Life is good!!!


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