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What is YOUR Value in Real Estate?

The Real Estate business is definitely changing and along with it we should change too!.

When you're searching your MLS have you noticed that the compensation split is being lowered too many times? Obviously there can be no price we're all free to sell homes at whatever compensation rate we choose. Right?

"Why are we lowering the rates?"

How on earth is that fair for our clients?   How is it fair for us? 

My question is...

Is this suppose to be happening? Is it being manipulated by the system that we are worth less so we should be paid less?


For heavens sake it's more difficult to sell a house today than we've ever known it to be! It's more difficult to find qualified buyers. It's more difficult to attain financing. It's more difficult to remain within the guidelines of our FNMA/FHA/VA sources and a few of us are LOWERING THE COMPENSATION?


If we take the stance that our services, knowledge, advertising sources, E&O insurance, license and experience are important....


We should question strongly the Discount Brokers.  Are they diminishing our true value? 

I feel we must educate our clients to Discount Brokers also. Sure, they are willing to split a lesser compensation split to get the deal. What does this do to the client?

Do the clients realize that their BEST INTEREST IS BEING COMPROMISED? 

1.  No one reading this has to admit anything here but how many times have you come across a potential showing, thought you would include it with the tour and then realized you would be paid MUCH LESS than showing and selling the others? I have! I end up showing it anyway if it a really good fit but I have hesitated and scrutinized the listing to make sure it would be just right for my client or I didn't want to waste my time, effort, energy, gas and expertise selling a home that's with a Discount Brokerage!

2. First of all, I find many of the homes listed this way are being overpriced.  Could it be the Broker fighting to get a listing? This all makes me feel uneasy.

3.  If it turns out that the clients are skimpy when it comes to PAYING FOR THE VALUE THEY RECEIVE then they usually become more difficult to work with.

4.  I am one that will still show it. We all know there are others out there that simply would drop it from their list. 

5.  How is this good Representation?

Where will it end?

Personally, I think we are all worth more today than ever! Don't you?



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