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Real Estate Recovery...Conroe, Texas, Cracker Barrel and a Mom...

The Real Estate Recovery Contest is one of the most innovative and succinct contests I have seen on Active Rain to date. We are all seeking recovery as the negative results of our economy  is on our heels.

I couldn't figure out what to write till I was treated to lunch today by my dearest friend, Sylvia. The incident at lunch gave me the reason to enter the recovery contest and the idea was personal and real.

Not only did the restaurant feed my hunger but the visit fed my soul, hope and trust in the human race and not to forget "Mothers". Many of us are lucky to have become mothers and even if we didn't we did have a mother so we can relate to the love and devotion and pure "belief" of our relationships.

This post is mostly about Loreena, a mother and a little about Cracker Barrel, a restaurant.Cracker Barrel, Conroe Texas, League Line Road

This is about recovery.

We visited Cracker Barrel for a late Sunday lunch. Cracker Barrel was packed. I mean packed. The construction on the League Line Rd exit is terrible and we spent a lot of extra time trying to find our way into the restaurant. Although, the other 300 cars didn't seem to have a problem.

Am I exaggerating?...well, not much.  

After our 20 minute wait time, browsing through the wonderful General Store that offers so many incredibly unique gift items, we were finally seated.Inside Cracker Barrel

A sweet woman came up to our table and was totally professional with her serving.

Every table in the place was occupied
and it was like a flurry of "busy people" all around. She took time with us. Time, what an incredible commodity it is...time. She smiled a big happy smile and we began our conversation. wonder service at Cracker Barrel

My friend, Sylvia is curious about everything and everyone.

Sylvia and I met and became friends after I showed her and her husband at least 50 homes around Lake Livingston back in 2006. Eventually, I dedicated an entire notebook to Sylvia and her husband Robert, who is now one of our agents, and called it "Sylvia's Look Book". I still have it. I did find them a home. We have been close friends since. But, I digress.

Back to the waitress...

Her name is Loreena.

We were placing our order. She stopped and said, "I apologize...could you repeat the last item?" and we said, "of course, you must be stressed with all the people here."

Her response was almost with a released breath of "finally, someone cares." Loreena said, "I didn't get off work till after 7:00am with La Toretta, do you know where that is?" My response was, "yes, what were you doing there?"

Raising a sonHer entire posture changed in an instant. She stood as tall as her 5' 5" frame would allow. Her shoulders were back and her head was held high. She was by far, the most angelic figure I had ever placed my eyes on. The feeling of her determination and pride filled the room and it was just us...and her.

She said, "My son is going to Texas A&M University" and then she paused. Tears welled in her tired eyes yet she again smiled with shoulders back. "He promised that some day he will buy me a home."

Sylvia and I both felt the pride and determination and self sacrifice she was putting in to her son's education. Words didn't matter. We were all on the same page. The same thought, the same feeling and the same recovery mode. Strangely enough, time stood still in the flurry of the place. It was so surreal and Sylvia and I both began shaking our heads in disbelief of the the sacrifice on the woman's face. Loreena is amazing.

She is working 7 days a week at two different restaraunts, double shifts so her son can be a better leader than her.

Better than her? How is that possible?

This is a true recovery story and it all comes back to being a devoted mother.
A mother. There are not enough words on this planet to describe the feelings a mother has, or the desires or the plans and hopes and dreams that fill a mother's heart.

Loreena is making it happen.

Not for herself.

But for all our futures! And yes, Loreena deserves a home!

Loreena earned a tipSylvia called her over to give her the tip which was half as much as the meal we ate. Loreena hugged her as I watched and healed.

This is my recovery. Mothers just don't change. We, those of us that are mothers, will always be the number 1 source for strength and support for our children. In turn, our children will build a new and better future.

We may not be in great shape now but with the beautiful Mothers God is giving us each and every day, a recovery is inevitable.

Our recovery is discovered within our children.

Go to Cracker Barrel in Conroe and ask for Loreena's station. Leave her a nice tip and feel great about what you just did. You just gave to the Real Estate Recovery Fund!

Thanks for listening. And, the food was great!


And, in opposed to a pre-post, this is my

My mother, My beautiful mother, Dr. Freda Yeager was one of the first women to graduate from Texas A&M University in 1969. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and I am, to this day, so very proud of her. She passed on to her Maker as a full Professor of Sam Houston State University as a retired Dr. of Philosophy in 2004.

So, mom this is for you!

Freda's favorite joke (or at least one of them):

One day, an Aggie was lost in the woods...

He was driving the car his parents just gifted him and it was a red convertible. He was heading into the Piney woods to hunt for game.

Lost, as most Aggies are...he came across a beautiful woman on the side of the road. She was standing there with her skirt hiked up to show her beautiful long legs and motioning for him to stop.

He stopped. (good move for an Aggie)

She said, "hello handsome, what are you doing in the woods?"

Aggie's response, "I am hunting game".

She said, "Well, handsome, I'm game..."

So, he shot her.

The end...

LOL...we have a lot to learn from our mothers!


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Real Estate Recovery… Conroe, Texas, Cracker Barrel and a Mom…
The Real Estate Recovery Contest is one of the most innovative and succinct contests I have seen on ActiveRain to date We are all seeking recovery as the negative results of our economy is on our heels. I couldn't figure out what to write till I… more