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The Woodlands, Texas and Power Deregulation with CenterPoint

The Woodlands, Texas Deregulation of Electric Power is recent and virtually unused by the public! Some Retail Businesses could be saving between 10% and 40% on their current monthly billings.

There are currently two providers in The Woodlands, TX. CenterPoint Power provides Electricity and Gas and is completely Deregulated. Entergy also provides power to the area but they are not offering this to their clients at this time. If you have power through Entergy, you may be able to change providers to CenterPoint Power and still realize the savings. If you experience a large monthly billing of energy, are a current customer of CenterPoint Power, and would like to realize a savings on your bill, you can exercise your options within the law. CenterPoint Power is your provider.

CenterPoint does not generate the power for your business, but they generate the power to your business. Therefore, there is an Electricity Provider that Provides your power to CenterPoint. An open auction can occur and Manufacturers behind the scenes, as many as 33 businesses will bid for your business. With this bidding process the customer is guaranteed the lowest price possible on the transferred Kw hours of power.

A good analogy of Deregulation is the positioning of the Telephone companies. Do you remember when you could not transfer your service without losing your long-term telephone number? Even if the other long distance and Cellular Companies would offer you a better price, you were virtually stuck with the same provider and paying the same exorbitant prices for the privilege of keeping your number. This is the perfect example of the Electric Companies stating that you simply cannot have a better price on Power unless you were happy burning candles and cooking over an open flame!

Our States are coming a long way with the Deregulation and the USA is expecting even more States to open up soon. To find whether you may be entitled to shop around for the best kw hour pricing you may just need to go to your current provider's website. If your provider is currently Deregulated you should be able to click on a portion of their website and place an inquiry as to how to have them shop for you. You may want to find an outside source that specializes in the actual placement of the bidding and then be able to pick and choose your Manufacturer.

With the economy today the ability to lower your monthly obligations should become a priority. The ability to vote upon the ability to Deregulate should be a part of your local Political Forum.Exercise your rights in every way possible and vote in Deregulation. Research, learn and save money.

Debra A Brooks invites you to contact her to help you bid on your National Deregulation Electric Savings! Simply provide your electric bill and there is no out of pocket expenditure.

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Comment balloon 3 commentsDeb Brooks • May 16 2011 10:52AM


I'm an employee in the Corporate Communications department of CenterPoint Energy and just wanted to correct an error in your blog post. CenterPoint Energy owns the electric wires and poles in the Houston area. We do not generate electricity nor do we sell it; our job is to maintain the lines, deliver power and read meters.

Consumers purchase electricity from retail electric providers. We recommend consumers go to to comparison shop for retail electric providers.

Thank you,

Posted by Sara almost 9 years ago


Thank you! I don't think you read it right though....

CenterPoint does not generate the power for your business, but they generate the power to your business.

Thus, the wires and customer service.

Thanks for reading!


Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 9 years ago

when will the rest of The Woodlands be deregulated?

Posted by Kimberly Myre 10 months ago