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Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Things to Do When Turning Fifty or Sixty!

Just as

Gayle Rich-Boxman tells us here, these are things we can do! We are the Boomers and We Rule! It is our world and it's time to realize that we are IMPORTANT!  We have lived and can teach, we have lived and can do, we have lived and have much more living to do!

Listen and learn from Gayle. She Rocks!

Deb Brooks

Fishhawk Lake Real Estate-Things to Do When Turning Fifty or Sixty!

I love this book called God Never Blinks and the author, Regina Brett has put together short chapters based on articles she wrote for years on life lessons for the the Cleveland Plain Dealer. This morning I opened up to Chapter 36, Growing Old Beats the Alternative. Dying Young Looks Good Only in Movies. She beat cancer after getting it at age 41. So she wrote about turning fifty and made some great suggestions about what to do to stay young.

I am fifty-five, with sixty seemingly just around the corner. So, I decided this can pertain to people turning fifty OR sixty! Here are some of my "things to do" for turning either of those ages.  (Some of the starred ones are Regina's because they were just too good not to share)

  • If your parents are still living, write 50/60 reasons why you're glad they had you


My Mom's 80th!

  • *Sprinkle 50/60 pennies around the world to bring others luck
  • E-mail 50-60 people and tell them something wonderful about themselves
  • Donate 50-60 hours to your favorite charity, or $50-60 dollars (but giving of your time is PRICELESS)
  • Tell someone 80 or older why they seem "young" to you


Fishhawk Lake Neighbor Father Rock Sassano

(My young friend, 80 yr old Father Rock Sassano)

  • Give a genuine compliment to a person you don't know who is at least 80--I guarantee they'll be delighted!
  • Keep a bunch of funny cards about being "old" and bring them out now and then to laugh at them
  • Watch a Jack LaLanne video--he was very inspiring! (He just died this year at 96) He was called The Father of Fitness
  • Eat 50-60 pieces of your favorite candy (maybe spread it out a bit!) Regina suggests M&Ms.
  • Think about the one person who has had the most influence on you and how they made you a better person
  • Take one of your biggest fears and tackle it (for my fortieth, I bungee jumped off a 118' bridge over the Toodle River because I was very afraid of heights--I'm not now)
  • Write about your life's mission in 50-60 words.
  • *Drive 50-60 miles on back roads you've never been on before. Don't take a map and don't check your GPS. Let the road lead you.


Fishhawk Lake Real Estate Boxler Creek

  • For your birthday, if someone asks you what you want, tell them what you would give them instead
  • Blow up balloons and instead of tying them off, let them go so they whiz around the room.
  • Have a pillow fight with some of your grandkids, or even some of your bestfriends!
  • Have a "come-as-you-are" party: pick an off-time of the day to call your friends and when they answer, whatever they are wearing at THAT MOMENT is what they have to wear to the party
  • Reflect on what you would say to 50-60 people in your life about how you've learned to "stay young"
  • Write the first 50-60 pages of that novel that you've always wanted to write!
  • *Write down 50-60 wishes for the future--small ones and big ones, wild ones and tame ones--put them in a jar, and don't read them until your next birthday.
  • Take a 50-60 minute hike out in nature.

Fishhawk Lake Hikers

  • While out there, see if you can identify 50-60 different sounds and smells. (Better yet, take TWO hikes, and do one timed hike, the other ends after you've identified 50-60 sounds/smells!)
  •   Don't wait til you're 50-60 to do these things!  Do it at 35, 40, 19!!!




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Looks like really nice place to live in a really nice location grat people with a lot of fun will always bevgood forveveyone good luck and havevfun
Posted by JOSH EVANS *JoshEvansHomes 516-655-5000 (Village Properties of Mineola, LLC) almost 8 years ago

Those are some really great pics. Thank you so much for sharing them!

Posted by John Michailidis, Real Property Management of Sarasota & M (Real Property Management of Sarasota & Manatee) almost 8 years ago

Good spirit, I am on my way to be 55 next Aug

Posted by Deepak Chauhan, Irvine, CA ... the place to be (Versailles Property) almost 8 years ago

Hello Deb and this is a wonderful post by Gayle and she is one of my favorites at AR, thanks for the re-post/ re-blog. I couldn't help but notice that my post about my interview at AREA 51 was featured at your group, please take the time to thank whom ever featured this post & video for me, by the way I did get your return email ...

VB ;o)

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz, Las Vegas Henderson Homes for Sale (Realty ONE Group) almost 8 years ago

Deb, Gaylefriend does rock! I'm hoping she has a big party for her 60th! I'd go! (It's only a 12 hour drive) Thanx for sharing her post, now I'm going over there to comment!

Posted by Peg Barcelo, The FlufftasticStager from Summerland, BC (Fluff My House! Home Staging Inc. 250.486.6369) almost 8 years ago