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Dear Justin Tomato / Coach Smith, This is a comment on...

Dear Justin Tomato / Coach Smith, 

This is a comment on "Crazy Myth #4: Posting Listings is too hard, time consuming and pointless".

You're brilliant,                                                           

Hello there Justin, I have been agonizing over the very same problem. First of all, we want our listings on Localism. Yes, we do.

I placed a bunch (35+) listings one day and had a real wake up call! I spoke to Bob Stewart that informed me each one was considered a blog. I didn't consider it a blog. I considered it a listing and expected for them to be categorized as such. No such luck. I ended up with 0 points for any over 10 (I had already blogged a few) and the rest were 0's.

I explained to him that the points really were not the important part for me (a little) but the advertising was way (WAY) important. I then realized that after the posting of the home listings (which I must sell) that's all the other commenter's would be seeing when they went to my profile. DEVASTATION! I couldn't delete them. It wouldn't let me. It showed 35+ more blogs than I had actually written and all anyone would see were listings!!! I got 2 courteous comments. Like they would care!!! But, thank you all anyway for the effort.

This is not helping my cause on Active Rain but....Google put an entire page of my listings together and featured it on the second page of the Search Engine's main page of my top key word search. Now, unfortunately I am borderline "computer challenged". What I have learned is SIMPLY because the starving must eat.

What is a wordpress? Can I use it on my 5 year old laptop? What would I need to make that function? What is the best software to blog successfully? My number one goal is to create good marketing materials. The second is the communication with other Professional Realtors and Associates.

I have attempted to kick out "quality blogs" much quicker than I would have so any interested party would find the real me and not just the can see all the listings at Deb's Blogs.

I want the best of both! I don't know HTML but am willing to learn. Any suggestions? Help!!!!!!!! Smile, thanks for listening to me vent. I'm going ahead and publishing this, Justin. We all need to know. Thanks, Deb




and Proud of it!  Deb


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Comment balloon 6 commentsDeb Brooks • November 27 2007 10:30PM



I love your phrase "the starving must eat."  Do what you do best, sell real estate.  I'd suggest that you pick one or two mentors and email them separately from AR comments to ask their help.

Better yet, write a post asking "How To" for a single computer/real estate element, and watch the help roll in.  Please visit the blog of my friend Andy Gordon.  You couldn't cultivate a more productive Active Rain friendship; Tucson Multiple Listing Service (www.tarmls) has hired Andy to teach us what we don't know about a computer based real estate business, and his AR posts are tutorials.

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) over 11 years ago

Hi Debra,

Thanks for the post, the mention and the link!

Wordpress is simply a platform that helps you blog.  You can set one up easily at, or if you are really serious and committed to blogging, you could purchase a domain name and use word press to publish the blog on that domain.  If that gets to be too overwhelming, you could always use the services of a real estate blog design company.

We should probably just talk on the phone about this if you have further questions.  I'll message you...


Posted by Justin Smith (Christian Real Estate Network & SpeakMyLanguage) over 11 years ago
Debra, I am in the process of having a wordpress Blog set up.  HTML is not hard to learn.  I work as my own webmaster for my static website and use HTML.  I would be happy to help you in any way that I can.  Maybe we could do the Blog together?  We still need to meet.  There is so much to learn!!!!!
Posted by Marchel Peterson, Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro (Results Realty) over 11 years ago
Marchel, you are soooo not kidding about there being much to learn! I still want to get together also. I will check into the wordpress and try to get up to speed. Let's try to get together shortly. Hubby and I are going to Mexico in the first week of January so before then would be perfect! What have you got planned for the holidays? We'll visit soon. Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) over 11 years ago

Hi Debra,

As Justin mentioned, Wordpress is one tool for blogging, but its a great tool.  If you decide to get a Wordpress blog and need plugins or widgets for your blog, you can get them for free here: .




Posted by Ken Realivent (Realivent) over 11 years ago

Excellent job Debra, I may or may not have realized. There is so much awesome content in the comments you have received. I myself am have learned some great things. Thanks Mike, for introducing your friend Andy, and for Justin's info, as well as Ken's widgets.

Posted by Rob Baldwin, REALTOR, Santa Clarita (US ECO-GREEN REAL ESTATE INC.) over 11 years ago