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What do you get when you combine a quaint little town amongst hills, tall trees, tailored streets and an Active square? Then you mix in a little...okay, a lot of History, President Sam Houston of the Republic of Texas, a few prisons, massive expanse of State Owned land with grazing horses, cattle, crops and black and white striped workers herded by Prison Guards on horses? Then add up to 17,000 youth at any given time walking Sam Houston State Universities beautiful campus, winning football games, featuring Arts and Academics and is one of the fasted growing schools in Texas?

You get the one and only...


The city began about 1836, when Pleasant and Ephraim Gray opened a trading post on the site. Our land was hilly virgin land with wildlife, tall pines and natural streams galore! Ephraim Gray became first postmaster in 1837, naming it after his former home town, Huntsville in Madison County, Alabama. (Ironically, "Madison County" is also the name of an adjacent Texas County.)
Huntsville became the home of Sam Houston, who served as President of the Republic of Texas, Governor of the State of Texas, Governor of Tennessee, U.S. Senator, and Tennessee congressman. General Houston led the Texas Army in the Battle of San Jacinto into the victory of the Texas Revolution. Houston has been noted for his life among the Cherokees of Tennessee, and - near the end of his life - for his opposition to the American Civil War, a position which was a very unpopular in his day.

Huntsville Texas feels like its History! Walking the square you will stop and read markers talking about how Sam Houston and his friends would sit and play checkers or whittle the day away while watching the comings and goings of the townspeople. Sam Houston State University shares the same area (across the street) from Houston's original homestead. The Sam Houston Museum is built next to his Homestead's and provides a day of History, fun and great sight seeing. 

Huntsville was also the home of Samuel Walker Houston(1864-1945), a prominent African-American pioneer in the field of education. He was born into slavery on February 12, 1864, to Joshua Houston, a slave owned by Sam Houston. Samuel W. Houston founded the Galilee Community School in 1907, which later became known as the Houstonian Normal and Industrial Institute, in Walker County, Texas.

 In 1995, on the grounds of the old Samuel W. Houston Elementary School, the Huntsville Independent School District.

Along with the Huntsville Arts Commission and the high school's Ex-Students Association, commissioned the creation of The Dreamers, a monument to underscore the contributions made by the black community in the growth and development of Huntsville and Walker County.

This is one of the most impressive pieces I have ever seen.

The detail is gorgeous and worth seeing. Huntsville is filled with artistic pieces from many very talented artists.
The faces are created to depict the progression of time, beginning with the youth at the bottom, middle aged at the middle and the elders at top.
Beautiful piece!
Mr. Dan Phillips is a well known "local" gentleman here in Huntsville. Dan is well known for his "unconventional, eclectic" designs of homes. Dan's philosophy is that each and every person in this world deserves a home. Dan actually puts his money where his mouth is too. He collects remnants, old boards, nails, broken glass, chipped concrete, cracked wood and any other "creative" piece of leftover building material and waves his magic hands. Up comes a home fit to be enjoyed by anyone at a cost of at least 1/2 the local average price. Dan gleans pleasure from teaching an Eco Friendly lesson to all that want a home. Dan Phillips is making his own history for our little town of Huntsville, Texas. Please watch this video and enjoy... 
I was lucky enough to grow up in the small town of Huntsville Texas and I have many memories there. Our The WallsPrison system has always been a seed for jokes...I tell everyone that I grew up on the outside. Ha-ha.  I was going to share a story with you that is special to me and not something everyone would get to do!
Back in 19...uh, well, what the heck...1969, I was assigned a special "writing" report for English class. I had a boyfriend, and his father was on the Board of Directors of The Texas Prison System and he was in charge here in Huntsville.
Downtown Huntsville, is the Prison Unit called "The Walls" and it houses the worst of the worst criminals. Many of these prisoners are on death row.
Due to my connection I was allowed to interview a man that was serving life in prison right there at the walls. He was very old but full of colorful information!
This man (I will call him George) was serving time consecutively with Clyde Barrow. 
Clyde met, and fell in love with Bonnie just after being thrown into one of Huntsville's prison units. He was a part of the labor crew
digging out white rock from one of our quarries. 
George knew Clyde personally and gave me incredible insights into his character and attitudes.
George told me a girlfriend was sending Clyde many a letter, love letters at times and angry letters at other times. Clyde was known to be a real Casanova.
Clyde shared a great deal of personal information with the general cell mates which later posed as bad news for Clyde.
He shared a bit too much and some of the details were later used against him in the locating of CW Moss, one of their right hand men.
 Bonnie and Clyde
Although Clyde grew up in a poor home, he never really acclimated to hard work. George told me about the day when they were on Quarry duty. The sun was hot, the men were weak and tired and Clyde took his shovel and chopped off a couple of his toes from his own foot.
George said that the day Clyde got back to his cell from his medical stay in the prison was the very day Clyde's news was delivered to his cell.  Clyde had been officially released from TDC and would be going home. History tells us that was the beginning, and the end of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.
George said he believed the "higher ups" had planned it that way just to punish Clyde............................................could be.
Please come visit Huntsville, Texas when you can. There is much beauty and history to be shared.
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and Proud of it!  


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This is absolutely awesome ! I wouldn't change a thing ! You did an awesome job...I am totally speechless ! the music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Melissa Grant, The Law of Attraction In Life & Business (A Serendipity World) almost 12 years ago

I am totally impressed! How'd you learn to do that? Would you design a website for me and call it BW?


Posted by Debra and Scott Brooks, Lake Conroe Real Estate and Luxury Home Specialists! (Brooks Prime Properties, Lake Conroe) almost 12 years ago
Thank you so much Melissa, this just about kicked my bootie. Between the glitches on AR and my own brain blips it is a miracle it happened. I am glad to have this to add to my Localism posts. Y'all are so great. You keep encouraging growth and interest. It's special. Later in the rain~Deb
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Hi Mr. Scott Brooks! Glad to hear from you! Yes, I believe I will help you with something called BW...(sweetie). See ya later. Later in the rain~Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago
Debra, Huntsville has a long history for the state of Texas.  You did a great job with your slide show!
Posted by Marchel Peterson, Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro (Results Realty) almost 12 years ago
Marchel, that it does. People don't realize what beautiful country we are in. I love to visit lots of other spots but, it's always good to come home. Later in the rain~Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago
Great job!  I'm impressed!
Posted by Jim Crawford, Jim Crawford Atlanta Best Listing Agents & REALTOR (Maximum One Executive REALTORS®) almost 12 years ago
Thank you Jim, please don't be. Did I mention it took me hours? I just wanted to learn another step in our cyber miracle. Huntsville is beautiful and I love it.  Later in the rain~Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago
Great post, Debra!!  Huntsville looks like a vibrant city...Your post certainly brings it to life!
Posted by Kim Southern- "Sold" with Southern Hospitality, Greetings from the North Georgia Mountains! (Century 21 In the Mountains) almost 12 years ago
Thank you Kim. Huntsville has a lot of wonderful points. Not too much shopping unless you want antiques downtown but it's growing fast. Thanks for the comment! Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago
Absolutely awesome Debra! I am so impressed. It is like being there. I didn't realize Huntsville had a historic district. Just never thought of it. Being a Texan I should know this. I have only stopped for dinner driving thru Huntsville. The next time I will take a drive "downtown".
Posted by Becky Respess, ABR, CRB, CRS (Broker/Associate Century 21 Judge Fite Co) almost 12 years ago
Becky, the next time you drive past you had better call me! We can have dinner together, huh? I will give you a $2.00 tour and I won't even charge! That would be fun. I'm glad you visited. Later in the rain~Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago
Hi everyone! I had to revise this and remove the music. I'm sorry but I didn't have time to continue to work on it! Thank you all for reading! Later in the rain~Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago

Howdy Deb

What a supreme job you did on

this very fine post on your town of

Huntsville Texas.

A big pat on the back for ya.

Have a good one Dale

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Deb, what an interesting post. I didn't know about the Bonnie and Clyde connection to Huntsville.
Posted by Gary Woltal, Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty) almost 12 years ago

Thank you Dale, I had fun writing this one. I wish my computer expertise could even try to keep up with my desire to create. They just aren't apples to apples yet! I hope you had a great weekend. Later in the rain~Deb


Gary, We sure missed you in Bandera this past weekend! We had an absolute ball. Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago
Debra... What a brilliant job on this. Congrats!  You can tell that you took a lot of the photos and the videos are great.  ; )
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Hi Debra...You are tempting me!!! 

What a winner. I have mixed emotions.  I am so impressed and depressed at the same time.  You young kids just blow me away.

Loved the videos, the slideshow, and every word you wrote.

Congratulations my girl.


Posted by Kate Elim, Realtor 540-226-1964, Selling Homes & Land a (Dockside Realty) almost 12 years ago

Hi Debra - what an awesome post this is!!  So full of history and terrific pictures to go along with it.  Great use of pictures, slide show, and videos - FABULOUS!!!


Posted by Ann Cummings, Portsmouth NH Real Estate Preferrable Agent (RE/MAX Shoreline - NH and Maine) almost 12 years ago
Very interesting.  I loved hearing about the guy who builds homes from cast-offs.  And about Bonnie and Clyde.  Good job. 
Posted by Barbara S. Duncan, GRI, e-PRO, Executive Broker, Searcy AR (RE/MAX Advantage) almost 12 years ago
Debra, Congrats on  your win!  You had a LOT of competition too!  So what program did you use for that slide show?
Posted by Marchel Peterson, Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro (Results Realty) almost 12 years ago

Deb - I saw that you had been recognized as one of the Top 10 and I can certainly understand why. This was an absolute well written blog. I think when and if you ever decide to leave real estate you will have another career as a journalist.

Ceil and I really enjoyed meeting you and your husband at the Gathering over at Bandera last Saturday. We now have #1 behind us and they are already planning #2. Thanks for coming over to our beautiful Hill Country.

Posted by Carl Winters almost 12 years ago

Christina, thank you! Wow, I am honored to have placed in this contest! I had a lot of fun putting the post together and believe me it was a challenge.

Kathleen, you are a darling. If I could tempt you to do anything you should come visit Texas. I know a place that has a really cheap, clean room just awaiting your arrival! And, thank you for thinking I'm young. I love you for that! Deb

Ann, thank you so much! I really had fun with this! I'm hoping for some good Google juice!

Barbara, isn't the guy neat? The houses do look strange but they are kind of like gingerbread houses that you just can't eat! I vote for anything and anyone that can provide housing for everyone!

Marchel, I will send you the info for the slide show. It was easy and fun. Did you have a good trip back? I plan to call you later in the week. We'll stay in touch. Take care and thank you.

Carl, thank you so much! I had a ball Saturday and it was wonderful meeting you and Ceil. You are lovely folks and I'm looking forward to the next get together already. I would love to have it at Lake Livingston but if I need to travel I will...great excuse!

Later in the rain~Deb


Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago

This is a terrific post, Debra. Lots of information. Sounds like a wonderful community. The presentation is great visually - really like the different offerings. Congrats on your win.


Posted by Jeff Dowler, CRS, The Southern California Relocation Dude (eXp Realty of California) almost 12 years ago

Thank you so much Jeff, from you that is very high praise! It's tempting to me to move your way and sell a few of those 12million dollar babies! I would have a lot more time to blog! I appreciate your kind words.

Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) almost 12 years ago
Congrats on winning the contest.  I feel like I've been on vacation after looking at this.  Hey, love your "blog skin" too!
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Thank you Natalie, Hey we could create virtual vacations! That's not a bad idea! It could be a moneymaker and we could sure have fun taking photos and film. Later in the rain~or Italy~or Hawaii~Deb
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