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Yes, Realtors are people too. So many of my customers/clients (at least in the beginning) jokingly remind me  that Realtors are like car salesmen. How on earth did we get that bad wrap? Why is it a bad wrap anyway? We have to buy cars!

I, like most other Realtors, put my customers first and foremost! My true pleasure is derived from making people happy and assisting them in one of the largest purchases of their lifetime. I enjoy getting to know the different personalities that walk through our doors!

As a good Realtor, I take that opportunity to take a long, caring walk with any of the folks that invite me along.

 Finding the right home is no small job.

 It's not like throwing a dart and hoping to hit the target. We really have to care, to listen, to understand and help to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Finding the home is simply the beginning of the entire process. That's when we really begin to earn our paycheck!

                       YOU WANT ME TO PAY YOU HOW MUCH???

The way I see it, if you are a really good Realtor, people think you are over paid!  Whether you're selling the house or buying the house, if you are a really good Realtor you make the process seem easy! Not so. It's not easy.

Our customers see it as easy because they are mostly unaware of the pitfalls we've had to climb out of and hurdles we've had to jump to get to the closing. Our job is to keep the train on the track and make sure it gets to the right destination. They don't realize that once the tricky, sticky negotiations are finally in agreement what also happens next! First there's paperwork. Oh my word, is there paperwork! 

In the end if you have a good paperwork trail you can track what your client said to you that you said to the other Realtor that the other Realtor told her client that discussed it with her husband that got back to their Realtor to let you know that it was fine if they just made one adjustment. Here we go again. More paperwork.

"Whew".  In the mean time we send the finalized contract to the Title Company and to the Lender which opens up a whole new can of worms.  It can get messy. You're a Realtor. You know. If we took our hands off the pending deal at that time at least 40% of the deals would not make it to fruition. TOO much can go wrong. This is the time that Murphy and his law go to work too. If it can go wrong, it will. And, something usually does. Don't worry, we will overcome!

                                   The deal is at the Title Company so it's going to close!

The contract is at the Title Company so it's going to close!  Don't sigh with relief yet. There are a few major balls that start rolling then and it's our job is to keep the ball on the lane and not in the gutter.

What balls? Okay, we have the inspection of the house to be completed in the "Option Period". What's the option period? That's another blog. Start with the inspection. As your professional Realtor, I cannot give you advice as to what inspector to use. That would be against TREC law. I can give you the list of inspectors we are aware of in the area and then hope for the best. So many times I have watched people receive "sub-standard" inspections but can't say a word about it. We are not allowed to recommend so we don't build an alliance with any one inspector. 

Anyway, that's just one little ball. Next we have the financing. Not all buyers are lucky enough to be pre-qualified so financing is being sought. This can make or break a deal. I will follow the requirements to a T to help my buyers get their financing.

 Meanwhile, the Chain of Title is being checked to make sure there are no problems (clouds or encumberances) in the title. Ocassionally, right before closing we find there is an outstanding loan or lien against the house and that has to be solved.

Don't forget the surveyor, appraisor, loan officers, mortgage brokers, insurance folks, and utilities!


Without a good Realtor by your side you should be. I'm a very good Realtor and I still get scared sometimes!

 But, call me. I really do work for YOU!



and Proud of it!  Deb      

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Comment balloon 3 commentsDeb Brooks • March 20 2007 03:55PM


There are so many variable in a real estate transaction that can head south.  They just don't realize until they are in the middle of one of those situations.  Rarely do I have a transaction that doesn't have some sort of little hiccup.

I'm your neighbor to the south in Spring.  I have never been to Lake Livingston but hear that it is pretty.  We keep a sail boat at Lake Conroe.

Posted by Marchel Peterson, Spring TX Real Estate E-Pro (Results Realty) about 12 years ago

Hi Marchel!

You should try and head our way sometime. It's gorgeous here. Conroe is lovely too but the crowds have become so packed that we have Conroe folks moving our way. Our business is booming and there is no signs of slowing down. Bring your sailboat this way next time and my husband and I will show you the lake from the water! Notice how I managed to get a sailboat ride out of that one! Take care neighbor.


Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 12 years ago
Hey, I've just resubmitted my very first post after gussying it up a bit. Man was I wordy! The great thing about it is I can find it on Google in my target area from day one!!!! AR works. Later in the rain~Deb
Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) over 11 years ago