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Change the Channel To Google!

What Channel Are You ON? Do You Need One? You bet! Active Rain is changing like a New York minute, faster than a speeding bullet and faster than a fox with a hound on his heels.

I'm one that seems to always )*%%^&*( about any kind of change. It just doesn't settle well with me at first. I have to examine it, analyze it, toss it around, stew on it, simply consider it, disect it, put it back together, whine a bit, argue, attempt to control the issue of change and then I might feel comfortable with it.


It seems to me that right now Active Rain is a bit like a game of chess. They are making me think several moves ahead. The strategy is there if you want to learn and win the game.s_chess14.jpg chess board image by lebaron76

I do. I want to win.

We all do.

We all want our efforts in the Rain to benefit us to our highest and best use.

We spend a great deal of time writing "OUR WORDS" AND "OUR WORDS" ARE A PART OF US.


Sorry for yelling. It's true though.

After spending your precious time writing the words you want to share with the world, you want to make sure that those you want to READ it will get to SEE IT!

My suggestion is that we take the same "careful" time after we've written the post to place it properly. I have been known many times to get in a hurry about this. If I wanted to make sure this post would be found by the Google Bots and placed in my area, I would be sure to mention within this post that I sell Lake Livingston Real Estate.

The Bots would pick that up, compare it to my tags, and then place it in the direction we point them to.

1. We Tag it for you know who.....adsense.jpg google adsense image by bimods

I would tag this post:  Lake Livingston Real Estate,Channels,Deb Brooks,tips and strategies

Why do we do this? You are directing Google straight to your intended audience.

2. Visibility would then be set to Public (so the Bots would read it)~Nothing to hide here!

3. And then we come to the biggie. There is a huge strength in numbers. I want this post to be placed with its like kind so the Bots will recognize the content and place it with "like content" and the post is given more strength.

First click on Active Rain Channels. It's new you see! This is going to help you Optimize your post for the Search Engines and within the Active Rain Community. Once you click Channels this is what you will see.


Then, choose your channel. If you just click on Active Rain, your post will go into the hundreds of thousands of posts amongst AR itself and dilute your key words. So, click the arrow and let's go shopping.

The Channel that suited this post best is the Training catagory.

But wait~there's more! (LOL)

Active Rain Channels

It is up to you to choose your own catagory wisely. For this TOPIC I chose CHANNELS since that's what I'm talking about.

CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC WISELY. Remember, you want your post to be positioned with the "like kind".

If one of you members OR a consumer types CHANNELS into our search bar...guess who will pop up? Yep, right along with Brad and Bob and Rich and anyone else talking about CHANNELS. All of their KEY WORDS will enhance the KEY WORDS within this post and cause them all to climb on the Search Engines.

HUGE IMPORTANT HINT TO REMEMBER...After deciding on your TOPIC type your letters in VERY SLOWLY. As you are typing in the letters new words will appear that other members have placed into the TOPIC AREA.


Choose that one. The top word is always the fullest post slot. Go for it.

Please remember that placing your posts is like a game of chess. Think ahead before you make your move. Make sure you have placed your post properly. This will give you and all others the strength we want to make a difference and blow away the Bots!

Have fun with it. It's a bit like a game!Your key to a successful Real Estate Transaction is in the Hands of Your Agent, Brooks Prime Properties.




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Comment balloon 108 commentsDeb Brooks • January 25 2009 09:44AM


Hi Deb! Thanks for all of this great information.  I really new to all of this and, after having been 100% repeat and referral business for several years now, I'm trying to figure out how to (finally) start using my websites for more than justa communication medium for my existing clients.  I have bookmark this so I can study it in more detail.

Posted by Rick Sergison (Keller Williams Real Estate Associates in the Toronto Area) about 11 years ago

Rick, now is the time to build yourself a presence on the Internet. Yes sir! Good thinking. Thanks for the bookmark. The whole Channels thing will make sense to you after you've tried it again!

Best of luck to you!

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb; Thanks for the tip about choosing the topic for "channels". I have always had trouble with that one.

Posted by Eileen Begley, Monterey Real Estate (Coldwell Banker, DelMonte) about 11 years ago

Individual channels are showing up in serps as well. That means you can target for those channels and be found in the results. I am ranking highly in my area for certain channels like selling for instance. You gotta like that!

Posted by Shane OnullGorman, Eau Claire Wisconsin, Real Estate Agent & Realtor- Buy or Sell (Eau Claire Realty, Inc.) about 11 years ago

One Smart Cookie!

Posted by Melinda (Mel) Peterson, The Blessed Realtor - ABR, CRS (Real Estate Cafe LLC) about 11 years ago

Eileen, you are very welcome. I had to warm up to the idea and really follow the trail to understand it. If I can then you can! Good luck with it.

Shane, good point. Yes they are. I just love that word "target". It always makes me feel like I have a main goal...oh yeah, I guess I do! Good luck to you and I wish you lots of Google juice!

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

"HIGH FIVE" Deb, that is excellent information you are sharing with us, Thanks a bunch!

                                                                    ~ Life is Good



Posted by Roy A. Peterson, P.R.E.I. (Domicile Analysis of Texas) about 11 years ago

Great reminder Deb. I finally am in the habit of using the channels but I do not use the categories. I guess I don't totally understand the categories.

Posted by Debbie DiFonzo, Lebanon MO and Buffalo Missouri Real Estate (Debbie DiFonzo - United Country VIP Realty, SW Missouri) about 11 years ago

Nice and informative post.  I know I don't use Active Rain channels well -- I find it confusing, and then the topics have had me baffled  But this was good -- I now know that the words coming up when Itype in have some REAL siginficance.  thanks.

Posted by Alexsandra Stewart, Broker - Portland Oregon Real Estate (Remax equity group) about 11 years ago

Deb - Great post and you sure are teaching some members some tricks, great job. I would have featured this blog if it would have been posted to one of my groups, sorry!

I have some serious google juice going on since I have joined activerain, the world sure knows everything about me!

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz about 11 years ago

Melinda, thank you. You made me go eat two chocolate chip cookies...hum.

Roy, I hope it help! Thank you!

Debbie, if you're writing about selling a house then Selling would be your catagory. If you're writing about a showing then choose "showing". It places your post in the right spot!

Alexsandra, I'm glad it helped. Just take your time to get to know it.

Robert, I will try to get use to using one of your groups. I'm a habitual poster and they all pretty much go to the same places. I'll see what I can do. Thank you. There's still more to learn about you.

Keep blogging,

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Great post.  One thing to remember is to put all your like posts in the same channel and topic.

Posted by Scott Guay, Associate Broker. Ocean City and Ocean Pines MD (Berkshire Hathaway Home Services PenFed Realty) about 11 years ago

Scott, that's right! Keep your catagories limited to your faves and you will even build more strength! Great thought! Thanks,

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

You are right on the spot Deb! I posted about a new Google search tool early this morning...

Posted by Lance Sonka (New Home Marketing) about 11 years ago

Deb, you are right that we need to direct those bots to us with Channels and Topics. It is a key consideration and you explained it very well.

Posted by Gary Woltal, Assoc. Broker Realtor SFR Dallas Ft. Worth (Keller Williams Realty) about 11 years ago

Thank you for the great tip...the whole point of this is to get new business and the more exposure the better....I really appreciate the help.

Posted by Karen Fiddler, Broker/Owner, Orange County & Lake Arrowhead, CA (949)510-2395 (Karen Parsons-Fiddler, Broker 949-510-2395) about 11 years ago

Well done, Ms Deb Brooks. Nice tutorial with good visuals added to your explanations....I am just curious about those foxes and if they are on your heels or your heals (improving health?) :) lol. J/K

Just like a New York Minute, I am outta here!



Posted by Bo Hussung (Bell Title /Triserv LLC) about 11 years ago

Deb, very helpful.  I was mostly doing it right, it is somewhat intuitive, but I was guessing - really didn't know whether I was going in the right direction, so thank you fro confirming.  Also your last comment to Scott - had no clue that mattered, in fact thought it better if I expanded my categories to cover the most territory, so again, thank you!

Joanne O'Donnell, Chic Home Interiors

Posted by Joanne O'Donnell (Chic Home Interiors) about 11 years ago

Deb,  I am new to this game and I found your post very helpful.



Posted by Steve Vacha (Home Standards Inspection Services) about 11 years ago

Bo, thank you! Geesh, I studied that word just knowing it wasn't right but when spell check didn't kick it out I blew it off...

Maybe it was a sick fox? LOL.

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Yours is one of the top blogs that helped us with the search engine mistery.  Thanks for the time and effort that went into this blog.

Your Queen Creek Real Estate Specialist


Posted by Edward & Celia Maddox, EXPERIENCE & INTEGRITY - WE TAKE THE HIGH ROAD (The Celtic Connection Realty) about 11 years ago

Nice tutorial Deb for those who are new to AR.

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb!  EXCELLENT post for newbies and oldies alike!  I appreciate your tips and sometimes need a reminder to use that ONE word FIRST!  Sometimes I'm just glad to have finally finished the post and can't wait to get it up and move on!!

Hey, congrats on that little gold star too--well deserved!

Debe in Charlotte

Posted by Debe Maxwell, CRS, The right Charlotte REALTOR! ( | The Maxwell House Group | RE/MAX Executive | (704) 491-3310) about 11 years ago

Deb - Thank you so much for your comment and congrats on the gold!

Posted by Robert Vegas Bob Swetz about 11 years ago

I discovered the power of tags several months ago. Since that time I've been going back to my older blog posts and tagging or retagging them. I can state defiinitively that it provides an even greater Internet presence when one does that.

Posted by Not a real person about 11 years ago

I've been confused abot how to use the channels- thanks for the tips, especially about the topics.

Posted by Leslie Prest, Owner, Assoc. Broker, Prest Realty, Payson, (Leslie Prest, Prest Realty, Sales and Rentals in Payson, AZ) about 11 years ago

Excellent post. I have been guilty of not using tags properly but now I will make sure to use them to get all the Google juice I can.

Posted by Mark Brian, Anderson SC Realtor (Silver Star Real Estate LLC) about 11 years ago

HI Deb, wonderful congratulations on the little GOLD STAR, you deserve it for the attention to detail in explaining all this.  I know I use some of it already but didn't realize about the FIRST WORD importance.  Never too old to learn.

Posted by South Austin Real Estate Blog (Sky Realty South Austin) about 11 years ago

Thanks so much for the detailed post. I find all of the posting very confusing. I also didn't realize that I could go back to old post and re-tag them. Thanks.

Posted by Gail Szeluga, Manalapan, Marlboro & Monmouth County (Weichert Realtors-Marlboro, Manalapan) about 11 years ago

What a hugely helpful post Deb !

Simple adjustments can make a world of difference.

.... brilliant tips !

Thanks so much for sharing :o)

Cheers !


Posted by Sheldon Neal, That British Agent Bergen County NJ (Bergen County, NJ - RE/MAX Real Estate Limited) about 11 years ago

Deb, thanks for reminding us all of how important these steps are.  I think alot of us just write our post and that's it.  Classifying and tagging is equally if not more important.


Posted by Kris Kombrink ~ The Kombrink Team (RE/MAX Excels - Chicago's Western Suburbs) about 11 years ago

Oh Deb, THANK YOU for this great information...I am quite the opposite of you, where I just jump in and never look back.  Don't read directions, just go for it.  Not the best way to do things I know, but that is me:)  I have just learned some great stuff reading your post!  Now, to apply it!  Thanks girl for the much needed info:)

Posted by Elizabeth Cooper-Golden, Huntsville AL MLS (Huntsville Alabama Real Estate, (@ Homes Realty Group)) about 11 years ago

Great advice Deb (and I don't mind the yelling one bit!). I too have sometimes rushed to select categories and groups and honestly don't really understand the channels...but I should probably spend some time learning more ;-)

Posted by Colleen Fischesser Northwest Property Shop, A Tradition of Trust in the Pacific NW since 1990! (RE/MAX Advantage | Managing Broker) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb -- Some of this was new information for me, and I investigated the channels and see how it ties together, I didn't know this before.  Somehow, <unless AR does this already>, AR needs a single, easily findable resource, on how the infrastucture on tags, topics, channels, etc. works and how this should be done using various examples, so we don't run across this piece-meal.

Thanks Deb, you have enlightened me.  I think I have wasted a lot of effort to date by not properly understanding things, my bad!

Posted by Chris Olsen, Broker Owner Cleveland Ohio Real Estate (Olsen Ziegler Realty) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb-I'm fairly new to AR but I'm learning so much. I will also be bookmarking this post. Great post. Have a Super Sunday. :-)

Posted by Sharon Lee, Retired and loving life (Sharon Lee's Virtual Assistance) about 11 years ago

Deb - Nicely done, my friend!  I use the same technique for determining which channel to use.

Posted by Jason Crouch, Broker - Austin Texas Real Estate (512-796-7653) (Austin Texas Homes, LLC) about 11 years ago

Deb, this is why I subscribe to you. Very well written for even the newest memeber of AR. It is hard for me to keep up with AR also, but this really helps as I was not utilizing all the benefits!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Posted by David M. Childress, I would love to be your Realtor® in Akron Ohio! (Howard Hanna Real Estate Services) about 11 years ago

Deb, there truly is a lot more to blogging than throwing some words together haphazardly.  Squeezing Google for the juice is important but as you so thoughtfully put it there must be some organized thought process to you.  Categorizing properly will result in the right type of online prominence.  Take care and happy blogging!

Posted by Jason Neumann, Realtor - (Century 21 Assurance Realty Ltd.) about 11 years ago


As usual, you've posted an excellent blog! Now I wish I could figure out how to PRINT it, laminate it and use it in my future blogs!  Or train my mind to REMEMBER all these wonderful tips!

Thanks, Kathy Opatka, Re/max Premier Properties, OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND.

Posted by Kathy Opatka, Serving Ocean City, MD, & The Delaware Beaches (RE/MAX CROSSROADS) about 11 years ago

For the very first time, I understand "what's what".    Thank you for this very informative post!!!!!!!!

Posted by Li Read, Caring expertise...knowledge for you! (Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring)) about 11 years ago

Nice post... Always a fine line (and art) to write for the readers and for the search engines.

Posted by Paul Francis, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent - Summerlin Homes (Francis Group Real Estate) about 11 years ago

Dear Deb,

Thanks for the tutorial. I have bookmarked it,

Can't say that I really understand it, but I am closer. Great post!


Posted by Barbara Delaney (Park Place REALTORS, Inc.) about 11 years ago

I always want to know this info.  This really helps me out. I am new to AR.

Posted by Ben Bahrami about 11 years ago

Thank you for the information i am going to try it right now. Thank you again and i hope all is well.

Teller County Colorado Real Estate


Posted by Brian about 11 years ago

As alway, Deb a great post. It's interesting that you choose always to include your name in your tags. I don't as I would rather use that valuable target letter count (small as it is) on other topics. Well, we live and learn. Thanks for the advice.

Posted by Vickie Nagy, Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen (Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate) about 11 years ago

It is going to be interesting to see how this "Channel" thing works - I think it will work for some more than others but it will be helpful none the less.

Posted by Jason Feinman, Bergen County Real Estate Expert, ABR, CNE, e-PRO (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage) about 11 years ago

Deb - OK you've got me making corrections!  Thanks for explaining.

Posted by Wendy Rulnick, "It's Wendy... It's Sold!" (Rulnick Realty, Inc.) about 11 years ago

Very good explanation on the channels. I'm going back to my posts to ensure I was doing them correctly as you stated in this post.

Posted by Rebecca Gaujot, Realtor®, Lewisburg WV, the go to agent for all real estate (Vision Quest Realty) about 11 years ago


Thank you so much for the how-to, us newbies really need it!


Posted by Alberta Ceres-Buda (ERA A.J. Cali Real Estate) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb,  Excellent explanation of how to properly use this part of the system !

Posted by Bill Gillhespy, Fort Myers Beach Realtor, Fort Myers Beach Agent - Homes & Condos (16 Sunview Blvd) about 11 years ago

your a very very good writer.  Ill definately subscribe to you....   interesting article.. You can check out my website at Its a great tool for investors and realtors alike. O and its Free of course

Posted by austin ellis (David Ellis Real Estate ) about 11 years ago

I am re-blogging this so that I can read it later myself and share with people who read my post.   Great information, thanks!

Posted by Sidney Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula, Realty Works Temecula (Realty Works Temecula) about 11 years ago

thanks for all the tips.  I have to place my post in the right channel better

Posted by Russ Ravary ~ Metro Detroit Realtor call (248) 310-6239, Michigan homes for sale ~ (Real Estate One) about 11 years ago

Good points, I never really thought about the tags so much.

Posted by Brian Madigan, LL.B., Broker (RE/MAX West Realty Inc., Brokerage (Toronto)) about 11 years ago

Great info, Deb!  Even though I've been here awhile, I learn more every day!  Thanks...

Posted by Bill Blair, Covington Georgia Realtor Covington Living Homes (Coldwell Banker Realty) about 11 years ago

Just like real estate, choosing the right channel and topic is all about location, location, location. Now I'm off to some different channels to watch college basketball!

Posted by John Novak, Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin Real Estate (Keller Williams Realty The Marketplace) about 11 years ago

There is so much to think about when posting on AR, but I guess that is why AR has some much power in placing your blog.

Posted by Ryan Hanley (The Murray Group Insurance Services Inc) about 11 years ago

Deb... Great post ~ thank you for the reminders and shedding some light on a few things I haven't quite figured out yet...


Posted by Rene Fabre, Marketing in the Digital Age (First American Title) about 11 years ago

Joanne, The more I understood it the more it made sense. The tighter we're packed into one channel the tighter the keywords. Google looks for that.

Steve, you'll enjoy learning how to play the game. It's not only fun but prosperous.

Edward and Celia, Thank you very much and I'm glad it helped.

Bill, I'm not new but I just learned more about it! Some of us are slower than others.

Debe, Thank you. I'm glad it has helped a bit. There are so many different aspects to this blogging thing and AR pulls off miracles with Google.

Robert, You're welcome and thank you too!

Russell, You know...I have yet to do that. I need to go back and make changes too. Some of my submissions didn't make any sense to me even when I chose them. It was like throwing darts!

Leslie, I sure hope it has helped. Good luck and keep blogging.

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Deb, Thank you for the help and explanation.   I never know exactly where to post---Groups, outside can be confusing.  This is great information and it helped me a lot; now to put it into action :)

Posted by Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher (Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island) about 11 years ago

Deb, thank you so much for taking the time to post such helpful information to us newbies. I will take your advice next time I post, thank you again.

Posted by Dan and Amy Schuman, Luxury Home Specialists (Howard Hanna Real Estate Services) about 11 years ago

Mark, It's a great thing to'll get it just fine.

Gail T, Thanks my friend. I just learned that recently also. It's good to know.

Gail S, yep you can! Click edit reopen the box and re-check and save. Voila you're done!

Sheldon, thank you sir! And, cheers right back at you!

Kris, Classifying and tagging is equally if not more important. Better words were never spoken about Channels. You got it!

Elizabeth, You do too read directions...sometimes? Okay, maybe not. I just end up digging my heels in and being stubborn. It's good to hear from one of my cheeriest friends ever. :-)

Colleen, I've learned this stuff by exploration mostly and Bob shared with me about the first word. Cool to know. I think they should wipe out all alternatives and pop it into a standard choice. It makes the decisions easier for us! This thinking thing gets tedious...ya know?

Chris, I'm glad I enlightened you! It has taken me a good long time to get this far!

Sharon, Welcome to AR and if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

I SO appreciate you taking the time to create this post.  It's extremely insightful.  Bookmarking it to help serve as a reminder!

Thanks for sharing.


Posted by Kathy Nielsen, Atlanta Georgia Home Stager ( about 11 years ago

Wow! Great info! Thanks so much... I had a wee hiatus from the rain, and now that I am back things have changed soooo much!


I had no clue what these channels were. I'll have to post on how it helps google rankings when I try this out.



Posted by Alex Mordas, Green Building Consultant (EarthSTEPS) about 11 years ago

You just educated me Deb, Thanks for this great information.


Posted by Greg Miller, Florida Home Loans - Conventional,FHA,USDA,VA (Ruoff Home Mortgage ) about 11 years ago

Great Post.  You have a super awesome attitude and can always tell you put time into your post. 

For anyone, if you want to check your Google rank, we now have Rank Check Tool on our site.

Posted by Steven Ayres (Rocket 55) about 11 years ago

Jason, Thank you sir! You are always ahead of my curve! And, most others.

David, Wow, nice compliment David. I am soooo glad I was able to help.

Jason, It does get more and more complicated but the more one blogs the easier it gets!

Kathy, I really think you'll get the hang of it and begin to understand it better with a little practice.

Li, Way to go Li! You may be ahead of me now!

Paul, It is a fine line. They simply guarantee us the it's the content that's king.

Barbara, With a little practice you WILL get it! Keep trying.

Ben, welcome to AR! I will stop in to see you soon.

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

I'm fascinated by all of this stuff.  I've never posted to channels, just my groups.  I hope I get it all figured out.  Something else on my to do list.

Posted by Mike Henderson, HUD Home Hub - 303-949-5848 (Your complete source for buying HUD homes) about 11 years ago

Thanks...we do have a tendency to move to quickly and make grave errors.........  Test your results through Google Alert in your neighborhood and you will see how people are picking up your posts........

Posted by TIM MONCRIEF, Over 2,000 homes sold….. (Tim Monciref) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb - Thanks sooo much for the great tip. I am often in a hurry, just my nature..... and I am sure that I have not payed attention to the details. I will use your step by step and look for improvement. Thanks again, you are a rock star......

Posted by Gwenn Tanvas, The Mortgage Gal, 920.267.7891~ SMART - INNOVATIVE (NEXA Mortgage LLC an Equal Housing Lender NMLS # 1660690) about 11 years ago

The bottom line is Active Rain rocks !!!  Great tips for maximing exposure for each individual blog post.

Posted by The Somers Team, Delivering Real Estate Happiness (The Somers Team at KW Philadelphia) about 11 years ago

Great Great Great!!



Posted by Cindy Hartpence (Edisto Real Estate Company) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb(hon)- Really great info. I see how that can get more notice from the bots. I like being able to choose which channel to direct the post. Congratulations on the Feature. -S

Posted by Debra and Scott Brooks, Lake Conroe Real Estate and Luxury Home Specialists! (Brooks Prime Properties, Lake Conroe) about 11 years ago

Deb - thanks for the advice on using Channels. While I have done so I have probably not thought about it as much as I could, although I always try to use a keyword that is relevant, of course. I have not paid much attention to the othertopics that pop up when I select a channel. i certanly will now. Great job on a well desrved educational feature.


Posted by Jeff Dowler, CRS, The Southern California Relocation Dude (eXp Realty of California) about 11 years ago

Or at least be consistent in your localism posts and MAKE a top ranking channel that is ALL you... 

Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) about 11 years ago

Wow! Great tips. I had been expermenting but now I have the facts. Thanks for the post Deb.

Posted by Craig & Sue Guffin, Sedalia Mo Real Estate (Coldwell Banker Monsees Realty) about 11 years ago

This was a surprising post.  I do agree that the rush to get a post up and running is usually a mistake to not sit back and think about the tags and the best way to position the post to reach the intended audience.  Great information.

Posted by Morgan Evans, LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON (Douglas Elliman Real Estate) about 11 years ago

WoW.. as you said.. things are chaging ever so fast.. can be hard to keep up at times.. just need to hang on...

Posted by Roland Woodworth, Q Realty - Power In Real Estate (Q Realty) about 11 years ago

Mike, it is fun to play with isn't it? When we get the hang of it we will find ourselves climbing in the search engines! It's worth some exploration.


Tim, the quicker I move the more mistakes I make. Slow down you're movin' too fast! Make the moment last!


Gwenn, so you're in a hurry too? Oh well, aren't we all?

Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago


Great tutorial...  I've just started using channels and this information solidified their use.  Thank you!

Posted by JB Brookman, High School Senior Portrait Photographer (JB Brookman Photography) about 11 years ago

This is exactly what I needed to read! Thanks so much for posting this for us!

Posted by Cristal Drake, Realtor - Fullerton Real Estate (Prudential California Realty) about 11 years ago

Wow I had no idea thanks for the useful information. I will definately have to look into this more..

Posted by Lisa Udy, Logan Utah Realtor ( Platinum Real Estate Group) about 11 years ago

Thanks, Deb.  Channels is very confusing to me.  I didn't realize that everyone's keywords fed into the G-juice.

With my new found (from you) knowledge - can I go back to a previous post and change Channels?

What if my post had been the only one in that channel - does the channel disappear or does it remain with no posts in it?

Posted by Virginia Hepp - Mesquite NV REALTOR, Mesquite NV Homes and Neighborhoods - Search MLS (Desert Gold Realty - Mesquite NV Homes For Sale) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb:

Thank you for the valuable tips!  I am relatively new to active rain, and while I've blogged a few times, I've not taken full advantage of tagging it properly!  From this moment on I will learn to chose my next move more wisely!!!

-Karin :)


Dear Deb,

Thanks for the info, I am new to blogging and I am still very much in the learning process so I found this info very helpful!

Posted by Laura Higgins (ERA Advantage Realty) about 11 years ago


Thanks for the great information!! Great tips and you have it down!

Posted by Dorie Dillard CRS GRI ABR, Serving Buyers & Sellers in NW Austin Real Estate (Coldwell Banker United Realtors® ~ 512.750.6899) about 11 years ago

Hey Deb .. thanks for the tips on the chess game!  Hope to see you around soon!  pippa

Posted by Pippa Mac, The Woodlands TX Real Estate (Chevaux Group Realtor, The Woodlands and Spring) about 11 years ago

Thank you Deb! You read my mind and answered questions I had before I asked them! Excellent read!

Posted by Laurie Sawyer about 11 years ago

Hi Deb,

Thanks for the valuable info! I haven't yet ventured into posting yet but your "behind the scenes"  info makes me want to dive into the pool. I certainly will be waiting for your next posting.  Keep up the good work and have a successful 2009!

Paul Puka


Posted by Paul Puka Realty Executives North Shore, Huntington, New York about 11 years ago

Virginia, Yes you can go back and change the channel! That is no different than changing groups. Open it up and choose new catagories.

If your post is the only one in that channel it simply means it would reach less people. And, get less google juice. You want to choose the right topic.

Good luck! I hope it works for you~

Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Back to the drawing board.....need some adjustment after this.  Many thanks!

Posted by Casey Joiner, Scenic Sotheby's International Realty (Scenic Sotheby's International Realty about 11 years ago

Thank you, Deb! I am also just getting set up and this was very helpful information. Looking forward to more posts from you!

Posted by Külli Yee ~ Metro Vancouver Home Staging (Ilus Design ~ Home staging, re-design and organizing) about 11 years ago


I'm so glad this is helping! I am behind on answering each of you so if you will please be patient with me. I will get back to each one of you wonderfully complimentary AR'ers! No better peeps in the world!


Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Hi Later in the rain Deb...Is there any way we could find out how many posts are in a channel?  This question is a result of your last comment.

You mentioned that the first word has the most posts and I was wondering if there is any way to know if the second has only one less post or dozens less.

Am I being difficult?  If so, it's your own fault.  You had to go and show us how brillant you are!


Posted by Kate Elim, Realtor 540-226-1964, Selling Homes & Land a (Dockside Realty) about 11 years ago

LOL, Kit Kat....Okay. No brilliance here. Just pure D stubborness.

Let me clarify.

When you are typing in your TOPIC (like mine is channels) you type slowly. The first word that appears that most matches your TOPIC is the one you would choose.

With Channel there could be Channel or Channels or Choosing Channels or Channels to choose or anything relating to Channels.

The very first word that appears as you are typing in Channels is the "MOST USED" and the most populated TOPIC. That's the one you would choose.

And yes you can check out your post! Go to the top of the search bar and choose Channels and click. You will receive a batch of catagories with the Channels. Pick the catagory you chose and that will take you to yet another grouping that gives the TOPICS.

You can find your post within these catagories. If you explore more you can make a plan to post to your favorite TOPICS and build personal strength in the Search Engines.


I do hope this helps girlfriend!

Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Thanks for the tip Deb. I now see what I can do better.

Posted by George Bennett, Inactive Principal Broker, GRI (Inactive) about 11 years ago

You're welcome George. Like I said, It's like a chess game only more fun. Keep blogging and keep learning.

Kate, I hope you read the answer!

Later in the rain~Deb

Posted by Deb Brooks (Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas) about 11 years ago

Great tips

You can bet I'm going to refer back to this post often!

Posted by Donna Shuman, REALTOR - Marketing for Richard Shuman - (Florida Wholesale Realty Corp) about 11 years ago

Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by Anonymous about 11 years ago

Hi Deb...Yes, I read the answer and even though I can be a little thick at times (I'm not talking about my waist right now) I understood.

Thanks so much.  You've helped a bunch of us.

When are they going to hire you at AR?


Posted by Kate Elim, Realtor 540-226-1964, Selling Homes & Land a (Dockside Realty) about 11 years ago


Yup I have it on my to do list and tag my posts more appropriately as well as to put them in channels.  Its the grunt work that's necessary sometimes.  That's o.k.  I have I Tunes.:-)

Posted by Rebecca Levinson, Real Estate Marketing and Online Advertising Consultant (Real Skillz-Clear Marketing for Your Real Estate Vision) about 11 years ago

You rock girlfriend!  Well done.  Deb, I am always learning from you here in the rain!  Thank you  - thank you -  thank you!!!

Your Raleigh Realtors

Posted by Lee & Pamela St. Peter, Making Connections to Success in Real Estate (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices YSU Realty: (919) 645-2522) about 11 years ago


Congrats on the feature, and I'm glad to be one of the first to comment in the second hundred comments!

Mike in Tucson

Posted by Mike Jones, Mike Jones NMLS 223495 (SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) ) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb,

Great article and I learned alot about channels and placement from your blog!

Posted by Laura Higgins (ERA Advantage Realty) about 11 years ago

Deb: Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful post. I find that your posts always have a value for me...and that is the sign of a successful blogger.


Posted by Kim Southern- "Sold" with Southern Hospitality, Greetings from the North Georgia Mountains! (Century 21 In the Mountains) about 11 years ago

Fantastic timely advice! :-) Thank you Debs!

Posted by Liz Moras Migic, Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor about 11 years ago

Deb, great information!  I have been doing my best a channeling but have never been completely sure what was the most effective way to use channels.  Thanks!

Posted by Diane Aurit, Lake Norman Real Estate (LKN Realty, LLC) about 11 years ago

Hi Deb,

Great information. Question: can I go back to my posts and edit them using your information and get results?


Posted by Linda Greco Rich, ABR, SRES, Harford County Specialist (Exit Preferred Realty) almost 11 years ago